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Center Introduction

In response to global climate change and regional environmental integration, the planning issues derived from the utilization of the built environment and the regulation of the built environment under extreme climates have received attention from all walks of life. With a solid foundation of theoretical research, practical operation of the members of the organization, and a rich experience of practical industry-university cooperation, this research center, by guiding cooperation, cross-field integration, and strategy proposal, looks forward to being an influence by
publicizing and promoting the concept of sustainable environment in the area. Furthermore, a practitioner of constructing and guiding overall urban and rural policies and being able to create an achievement target for urban and rural areas.

Established following the guideline of Article 2 of the regulations for establishment and management of various research centers in our school. “The Sustainable Built Environments Research Center" was founded in 2010 and established in February 2011. The founding Director Gui-Feng Zhang is an educational technologist who
hosted the Pingtung County Environmental Landscape General Consultant Program (2012.02~2015.01, 2022.07~) in 2012 and served as the Director of the Urban and Rural Development Office of the Pingtung County Government in 2015 (2015.02~2018.12).

Operation Plan for the Next Three Years

1. Accept entrusted project research on sustainable built environment, related to public and private sectors.
2. Handle the entrusted project research of urban and rural landscape, energy saving, carbon reduction, and other related issues.
3. Contact research centers on sustainable environmental issues at home and abroad for bilateral cooperation.
4. Conduct practical visits or teaching activities on other rural and urban environmental issues.