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General Consultant and Implementation Strategy of Pingtung County Environmental Landscape

1. Inventory the resources of each township and propose the overall plan of urban function as a guiding highlight.
2. Cooperate with the overall plan of local creation, inventory resources of industry, government, and academia, and introduce
environmental space integration to strengthen urban functions.
3. Participate in various major project meetings of the county government in order to accelerate the integration of plans and as
sist in the creation and construction of cities and towns.
4. Assist in the horizontal connection of the creation and creation work, link with the USR creation promotion plan, and organiz
e workshops and seminars to promote the planning of community landscape space.
5. Cooperate with subsidizing the integrated construction design of the local environment, and propose an integrated construc
tion design with the township by using the principles of environmental aesthetics, barrier-free environment, and subtractive
design to connect local industries and important nodes, and the environmental transformation and connection of public spa